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Miriam Johnson 

I help you achieve your business goals, grow your business,

and find a solution for your needs, challenges, and concerns.

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Are you interested in launching a podcast, hosting your talk show, or requiring a personal assistant? Have you identified your ideal career path and are ready to embark on this new journey?

My primary focus is to assist you in accomplishing your objectives or getting your business off the ground. I'm recognized for my meticulous attention to detail, transparent and sincere communication, commitment to privacy, and creating a seamless work environment.


I assist in saving your time by optimizing it for the tasks that require your utmost attention. 


I serve clients from diverse professional backgrounds with unique requirements, focusing on fostering business growth. Each client will receive personalized proposals tailored to their preferences, whether it's hourly, project-based, or monthly packages. No project is too big or too small.

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Miriam is a rock star! She has been essential not only with the day-to-day operations of my online coaching business and producing my talk show, but she has also been instrumental in introducing new ideas and strategies that have helped scale my growth and profits. She takes ultimate pride in the completion of tasks that need to be handled, including answering and coordinating client and customer emails, billing and invoicing, the numerous facets of marketing, and making sure that timelines and events are managed and completed on time.

I would highly recommend Miriam for any and all of your small business needs to help run and scale your company. Thank you, Miriam!

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Podcast/Online Show/livestreams
Personal assistant 
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Are You ready to boost your work/business ?

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