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I established Miriam Johnson in May 2021 as a sole proprietorship to meet the increasing demand for professional support in starting a new career, expanding current businesses, or rebranding existing ones. 


As the owner and operator of the business, staying updated on the latest marketing and social media trends is crucial for me. My attention to detail, creativity, and ability to offer innovative ideas to improve my clients' businesses are well-known. 


My expertise lies in providing comprehensive support in social media, marketing, customer service, accounting, billing, photography, website development, and online shop management. I provide both online and in-person support to manage diverse projects, including hosting online or in-person events.


My main objective is to take care of all my clients' business needs and focus on their most critical and challenging tasks to ensure the success of their companies or projects.


I believe in providing my clients and their customers with the utmost comfort, security, and satisfaction in all aspects of my services. Therefore, I uphold core values such as respect, honesty, directness, excellent communication, and value for others at all times.

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My mission is to assist clients across the globe in realizing their commercial aspirations by facilitating growth and addressing their unique needs, challenges, and apprehensions. Prioritizing superior work conditions and efficacious routines, I offer an array of services, including marketing strategies, auxiliary work, rebranding assistance, and guidance for business establishments, all with the aim of incrementally paving the way towards success.

I value open communication with my clients because it allows me to better understand their individual needs and tailor my services to meet those demands. The business objectives of the client are my top priority, and I want to make sure they are satisfied and succeed.

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I believe that achieving dreams and career goals is possible for everyone. I provide personalized services adapted to each client's specific needs and company's work field.

I understand that a company's success relies not only on numeric results but also on the well-being of its people, a solid structure, innovative ideas, and effective marketing. I actively seek new and creative solutions to make a positive impact on my clients' success.


Are You ready to boost your work/business ?

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