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Miriam Johnson was founded in May 2021. This happened when there was a need for companies or individuals to have support to start their careers, grow their company, or rebrand it.


Miriam Johnson stays up to date with the newest marketing and social media trends. Paying attention to details, being creative, and always proposing creative and new ideas to make the client's company better is what we are known for. 


We are hands-on support via the internet and in-person and handle different projects, whether online or in-person events. 

We offer to take care of the client's business needs and focus on their most important and challenging matters, all to help build the success of the company or project. 



It is essential that our clients feel comfortable and secure, happy, and well consulted, along with their customers. Therefore, respect, directness, honest communication, and value for others is a core value of Miriam Johnson. 

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The Company's mission is to help clients worldwide achieve their business goals, growth and find a solution for needs, challenges, and concerns. 


We want to improve work conditions and daily routine and environment by planning a marketing plan, supporting with assistant work, rebranding, or helping to start a business and showing the path to success step by step. 


Our expertise lies in having an open, direct, and honest conversation with clients to serve their unique needs. Our interest is what is best for the client's company and helps them grow. Their happiness, satisfaction, and success are our ultimate mission. 

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Everyone can achieve their dreams and career goals. Clients need an individual service based on their needs and company work field. A company's success relies not only on numbers but also on the well-being of the people, plus good structure, great ideas, and marketing.


We want to positively impact our clients; that is why we are always looking for new and creative solutions to help the client succeed.


Are You ready to boost your work/business ?

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