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ACTr app

The ACTr app, created by Hollywood actor Colin Egglesfield and his manager, Jay Froberg, is a resource and networking hub jammed with video tutorials, masterclasses, interviews, and live Q&As.

The most noticeable benefit of the ACTr App Membership is that you have Colin and Jay as your instructors. We have a monthly Q&A where you can ask any question you have about acting. You and the other ACTr members will be talking on Zoom with Jay and Colin. In-person events are planned as well.

When you are starting out, it is helpful to have guidance in taking the first steps. You can sign up for a year (annual membership cost of $588 one-time payment) or a monthly membership ($99) to try it out.

The ACTr membership includes the following benefits:

1. Expert Guidance & Course Instruction (Colin's Acting Masterclass Course, Jay's Art of Guiding Your Acting Career Course, Cathy Spaas Mindset & Overcoming Stage Fright Course)

2. Exclusive Access to The ACTr Community, Access to Jay and His Team of Seasoned Professionals

3. Exclusive Community Discounts

4. ACTr App Access, Live Weekly Q&A's, Exclusive Access to Industry Expert "Hot Seats" Interviews, Panels, & Discussions, Free and exclusive Live ACTr Community Events Access

Colin's next Acting Masterclass

Week 1: Intro to acting, the art of acting, how to break down a scene, character analysis, and improv exercises.

Week 2: Auditioning - we will talk about the difference between film/television acting and theater/stage acting and the audition process for both. We will do mock auditions.

Week 3: We will talk about getting the job and how to get an agent and manager. What is the difference between an agent and a manager? Fees for both, as well as attorneys, publicists, and stylists.

Week 4: How to maintain a professional acting career, creating an acting career business plan, networking, creating your projects, film festivals, theatre companies, and awards season.

Please click on the link below to watch the ACTr Webinar. This will give you more information about what the ACTr app is about.

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